Casino game integration through API


As some kind of a mantra, we always like to repeat that “game is one of the most important thing in the igaming world ”. So, how does the gaming software integration happen? Today we will give a little explanation of what is exactly games integration and how the game content integrates to the website, what are the types of integration, and what is the API and a single integration protocol.

So, the games are connected to the online casino website using API, which stands for Application Programming Interface - a programming interface that allows different programs to exchange data. Frankly speaking, you may say that the API is a set of ready-made functions that we (providers) provide you with, which greatly simplifies your life as the online casino owner, allowing you to quickly add new games to the website.

Single integration protocol

Each game developer has its own integration protocol. A single protocol, that is created by the provider, allows the operator to simultaneously integrate the game content from different developers, using a single API.

The Protocol describes the rules by which a player is registered and his account is created, how the player’s balance is managed and how a game is launched. Hence, here are the main functions of the API:

● to register a player
● to adjust the balance
● to start the game

Types of integration

There are two types of the casino games integration: seamless API and wallet API. They difference is in the basic principle of working with the balance of the player. If you use wallet API, the whole process takes place on the provider’s side. With the seamless API, the player's balance is on the online casino website and the website acts as the main system.

In other words, wallet API is when the player's wallet exists on the website and on the provider's server, all actions during the game take place on the provider's side and only at the end of the session all funds are returned to the wallet on the website. And Seamless API is when the money is always kept only on the website, and the website only receives information from provider on how to change the balance.

It is believed that using the seamless API is more preferable, since this type of system is more flexible, it can be configured more specifically. With seamless integration, the player can run and play multiple games at the same time. However, this type of integration requires a lot of time and a more skilled programmer on the operator side.

In our experience, it takes no more than two days to set up the wallet API, and the seamless API usually takes up to 10 days.

How the integration process happens?

an account is created on the provider side for a new operator. This account is supplied with a set of secret keys to interact with the provider’s system.
provider prepares a detailed description of the API - this list should contain all the functions, their purpose and how to use them.
operator, using the provided key and access, integrates according to the rules from the API description.

Today, every self-respecting provider offers its customers a single integration protocol that absolutely simplifies the process of connecting game content to your online casino website. Our company, of course, is no exception. It should be mentioned also, that we regularly update our API, doing it in such way that all previous versions continue to work correctly, even if the operator for any reason did not update the system. We are always happy to tell you about our products and possibilities. Click the rocket below or use the contact page for any other convenient way.