Online slot machines: math or luck?


Gambling has long ceased to be perceived as a set of luck: it’s not a secret that the processes of gaming machines obey mathematical formulas and rules. First of all, there are embedded algorithms that are responsible for real money. Everything is built according to the laws of mathematics and probability theory: you can throw a coin, and with a certain degree of probability, it will fall reverse side. The same algorithms work also in the digital world with slot gambling – you push the button and wait for what kind of slots will bring you money, though probability of that happens can RTP approximately predict.

What is RTP?

RTP is the percentage of payouts to the player fixed in a particular slot. For example, a slot with RTP 95%: where you can get such a percentage of the slot machine from the specified bet and the casino will get the remaining 5. But the mathematical magic doesn’t end there - from time to time you can even get the jackpots after spinning the reels or wait for a win for a while. Why? Because slot games are subject to variance - a property of the random number generator. RTP also takes it into account - that is why this figure is not put randomly and is calculated and is usually close to 90.

The percentage of real slots money in online games сan depends on the requirements of the regulator of a particular country and, of course, the mathematical model that you choose for the casino. The solution may be to analyze this indicator in your country, as they may differ from each other, but not significantly from 80 to 95%.


In the field of online casino, especially in online slot machines, there is an important concept – volatility. Online slots can have different levels of volatility: depending on how big is the amount of winnings and how often the lucky combinations fall out. Slots can be divided into low, high and medium.

Low volatility: prizes fall out pretty often but in a small amount.
High volatility: games with this level of volatility have a rare winners, but those players always get really good prizes.
Medium volatility: these slots are the most common for the casinos because players can hit both and small frequent prizes and rare big winnings.

Theory of probability

Even taking into account all the features of online gambling, it is important to remember that they are also based on the theory of probability, a term that came from mathematics. It is important to have in mind that the probability will always be present: it is very popular among the players who want to win relying to the mathematical theories and algorithms.

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