Sweepstakes systems for doing gambling business legally


Sweepstakes systems in the gambling business

The mechanics of sweepstakes is one of the oldest thing in marketing, that now surrounds us everywhere. For example, the most famous one is McDonald's Monopoly where you can win valuable prizes buying a burger. It's the same with buying a certain smartphone and getting a year of mobile telephony for this purchase. This is a great marketing tool that can be used in land-based casino business, but in a slightly different way.

New core of the sweepstakes

The usage of sweepstakes software allows operators to legally conduct their business: now players don’t put money directly, but buy coupons or tickets that allow them to use the services of an Internet cafe. For this they get a nice bonus in the form of an opportunity to win a prize but they do not pay for it directly. For players, the meaning of the action remains the same as in the casino: they have the opportunity to bet and win money. Formally the guests are not players, they pay for tickets or time in the Internet cafes. This allows you to work in this markets in countries where slot machines and gambling are prohibited.

Sweepstakes as a way of business

The sweepstakes program is a solution for those businessmen who would like to develop land-based project but don’t have such an opportunity due to the restriction in the legislation. In addition, this business can be very profitable, but it is important to do a few right steps.

Software and contractor selection

The sweepstakes gambling software usually develops by the same companies that produce online casino software. However, there are not many really cool professionals who can provide the best sweepstakes system. First of all, you should pay for the range of services provided by the company: it is more convenient to find the one that will make the full sweepstakes software and not only provide a platform. This includes integration with various gaming devices (mobile and desktop version, the ability to create applications, use accounts in social networks), database development with the admin panel, the ability to upload reports and analytics. In addition, the cost of the provider's services should include 24/7 support, which is able to help with any issue.


For a successful business, its legality is the basis - and companies that provide a full range of software development services will help you understand the intricacies of casino business registration. Good provider has extensive experience in creating a gambling business and will help you to make your work safe and not have further problems with the law.

Selection of games

A variety of games is something that can bribe even the most experienced player: the presence of popular games will get more guests. Software developers will be able to help you make the right choice. Moreover, professionals already have a certain game set, which is based on the experience of their company and regular monitoring of the casino market. A set of games is one of the key parameters of the success of your sweepstakes cafe.

Creating your sweepstakes looks complicated only at first sight - you just need to choose the right provider that will guide you through all the difficult moments and create high-quality software. To learn more about Outcomebet sweepstakes systems push the rocket button below.