White label casino solution


In the market of online casino software, almost every provider offers the White Label system cooperation to their customers. These words may confuse a gambling beginner; however, the White Label casino is the most obvious way to start your own online casino business quickly and without investing too much money. There are a lot articles written that cover the subject but we would like not only to explain what the White Label solution is but also to clarify some important issues, which are not often paid attention to.

White Label is a special kind of partnership where one company produces something and another one sells it under its own name. The very name White Label came from the music industry, when clean “white” labels were applied to the records, so that sellers could later put the name of their own brand. Now this system of interaction is especially popular in the IT: a small company uses the expertise of a large developer only adding its own design of the product. The White Label cooperation model gives an opportunity to startups to develop faster and more efficiently, bypassing the problems that have been solved by an experienced software developer.

In the gambling, the White Label scheme works in following way: a provider supplies an operator with a developed service package that usually includes:

Website: reliable hosting and developed design that only requires a small customization. Some developers allow a slight deviation from the classic WL scheme and offer operators a completely individual design, of course, for an additional fee.

Games: full game set, which usually includes all the most popular casino games from leading developers. Apart from slots, some developers include additional game content in the White Label package, like sport betting, poker, live games and etc.

License: the operator doesn’t need to undergo a complex and expensive procedure of annual licensing, the operator works under the license of their casino provider.

Platform: multi-currency and multi-language casino platform with integrated CMS and agent system, financial and gaming reports.

Payments: integration of the most popular payment systems that don’t require customization and separate legal registration.

Bonus System.

Technical Support.

What are the types of money relations between the developer and the client?

Mostly, it’s a setup fee + a percentage of the net profit. However, sometimes in order to attract new partners, the developer makes it possible to start working without a setup fee, and sometimes even without a percentage profit during the first months of work. This is possible only if there is a super-literate marketing plan and solid justification for further efficiency of the operator. In any case, the financial relations is an individual thing, even in such package offers as White Label and each time it is discussed individually depending on the capability and potential of a client.

Do not think that signing for the White Label system partnership with an experienced software developer surely gives the operator an already successful online casino business. WL is a PARTNERSHIP and both partners should work hard. For the success of the project, the operator must constantly pay attention to the promotion of its online casino, the analysis of players’ actions and financial indicators, the competent work of casino’s staff and etc. Thus it turns out that each member works on the issues, which they’re most competent in: the developer is responsible for creating the online casino software and technical support, the operator – for the effective marketing of the project. The Outcomebet company proves its competence in the matter for nine years straight.

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