How to start online casino


How to start online casino: license, software and marketing advices.

The online casino industry is getting wider every day: the number of new players interested in this field is growing exponentially. That’s why it is the best time to open your own gambling business, so how to start online casino?

Legal issue

Registration of permits is the first step to the legal launch of the casino. One of the most important point to future operator is the correct choice of the location. The country of legal registration for obtaining a license depends on your resources: acquisition a license can be done through an offshore state or EU countries. Each country requires a certain time, the procedure can take from 2 to 6 months. The amount of the budget is also very crucial. For example, license in Curacao is considered the easiest to get: it is an offshore zone with minimal taxation, the term of obtaining start from 3 weeks, no restrictions on withdrawing profits from casino account. With this licence you can work in all EU countries. To obtain a license safely and correctly, you can contact the service providers who will help you to prepare all the necessary legal documents, and you will need just to provide your information. Usually the license is granted for a year, so in the future you will need to extend it. Therefore, don’t forget to include resources - time and money for license renewal, while forming the budget of your online casino for the next few years. A simplified version of the registration of the casino is the White Label system. In this case you don’t need to issue a license for yourself - you will have your own programmer who works for the provider with already valid license.
A new way to register the casino is to open a BitCoin institution that doesn’t need special permission.
Another important point of opening an online casino is the registration of a legal entity: you need to register a gaming company, open a bank account and sign agreements with payment system providers. You can also register a legal entity in other countries: the choice of the country here depends on the terms of registration and on the further amount of taxes in this country.
In all these matters, an experienced online casino provider will provide you with the necessary information support.


Thinking about software you need to make a right choice of a professional team of online casino software provider: take into account their experience, expertise, the quality of released projects and, of course, price policy. In addition, such parameters as as concept of an attractive and native design of the future casino, as well as a set of the online casino games provided by the provider are important.
Moreover, there is a whole set of parameters that you need to discuss with your online casino provider before installing the software:

Casino management system (find out here what the system includes)

● Bonus system,
● Payment systems,
● Affiliate management system,
● Technical support,
● Security.

The presence of components can affect the final cost of the casino software provider, but this should not scare you: a full-fledged online casino requires its resources, which will pay off with the proper conduct of business. Let us examine some of these points.

Payment system

Your gambling business should be connected to the payment system: the more the better. So players will be able to convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money. The lack of some payment system can reduce the number of players. There are two ways to connect payment systems: work under the license of your developer or self-installation of payment systems. The first way: all financial transactions will pass through the contractor and you will not need to register anything. The second way will require long-term processing of documents in each payment system and only then install them on your website. The choice between two ways to install payment systems depends largely on your time: when do you want to start online casino? If you have a few months left, you can use the second method,it will be a good school in the future, if not then sign a contract with the provider and start your business without delay.

Native design

What your players see opening the casino website is the most important thing and their first impression. It is a convenient and attractive design that can trigger a regular visit to your online casino. Here everything will be quite simple for you: an experienced provider will develop an intuitive interface that will be simple and pleasant to use, so as not to regret your decision - look at the provider's portfolio before making a deal.

The security of online casino

On the website of your online casino will be a lot of money transactions - that is why it is important to protect yourself and your players. Do not skip on this parameter - give it to the elaboration of a professional who will set up a multi-level protection of the casino from various types of threats.

Marketing activity

When you are ready from the technical and legal side - it's time to promote your own casino. As we wrote earlier, there are many competitors in this industry, but you can still take your niche. If you have no experience in Internet marketing, and you do not know how to set up optimization or place a review on your own casino on media platforms - you can outsource it and only control the results.
One of the most popular points of the marketing strategy is a bonus program for regular players that will help you keep them on your website.

Opening your own online casino can take months or just a couple of weeks - depending on your actions, do not waste time in vain and rather immerse yourself in the world of the gambling industry. To learn more contact us by pushing the rocket button below.